Residential Garage Door Opener Specifications

What You Need to Know About Residential Garage Door Openers

There are two types of residential garage door openers. One uses a chain drive like a bicycle’s, and the other uses a metal‑reinforced rubber belt drive.

We recommend both types of residential garage door openers since both offer excellent performance. It’s important to note that the chain drive does require lubricating twice a year to maintain it properly. Environmental Door installs garage door openers made by LiftMaster. In our experience, they are the most reliable and durable.

With time, minor issues may arise with your opener, such as an obstruction or misalignment in the reversing system’s infrared beam. Another common issue is low battery power in one of the control panels. One of our team members can troubleshoot the problem and fix it promptly to get your overhead door opener working like new again.

One of the critical features of your overhead door opener is the automatic reverse mechanism. Two safety mechanisms ensure everyone’s well‑being around your garage door.

An infrared beam across the door’s opening

A sensor on the bottom of the door

If the beam breaks as the door is lowering, the door reverses itself automatically. If the sensor comes into contact with a person or object, the door’s direction reverse.

It’s essential that both automatic reverse mechanisms are always in good working order to prevent an injury. Don’t forget that an opener is quite powerful – if it can lift a 225‑lb overhead door, it could also push that same amount of weight to the ground.

Another important consideration has a garage door opener with appropriate safety accessories. Backup battery power, for example, would be helpful in a power outage. Without it, your opener would not work. In this case, you will need to use the manual release handle located inside your garage to open or close your overhead door.

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