Environmental Door Showroom

Environmental Door has a well-stocked garage door showroom for you to get more information about your future installation.

You will discover significant advantages by coming to our showroom, like the ability to:


  • See products and accessories up close
  • Examine textures and colors
  • View insulation types for heavy-duty doors
  • Inspect window sizes and designs
Entry to Environmental Door's Garage Door Showroom
An interior view of Environmental Door's garage door showroom.
In addition to seeing samples and full-size models, associates are always on hand to answer questions about your home. Discussions may cover architectural styles of your home, neighborhood restrictions or conventions, and whether your garage is heated. The idea of adding windows to any garage door is a significant topic of discussion. You will be able to see how much light is let in by different window designs, which is essential if you want natural light in your garage.

View our Frequently Asked Questions page for extra insight before your visit.


Garage Door openers are important aspects of modern units. Our selection:

Environmental Door Showroom

11501 3rd Ave NW

Grand Rapids, MI 49534